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HAPPY 11TH ANNIVERSARY NEWS! Looking forward for another wonderful year.


NEWS’ 11th individual fan project: Interview with Chankapaana all over the world!

I made this post amidst thinking how the fandom will celebrate NEWS’ 11th anniversary. Turns out, different Paana groups around the world have their own projects (everyone can even participate in some of these projects/events), not to mention the #てずてってとってNEWS Trending project is ongoing too. I’m so happy, I hope the news will reach NEWS! Meanwhile, I present to you my own tribute ^_^

Please take note that most of the fans interviewed here (including me) obviously aren’t native English speakers so there are grammar lapses. I didn’t want to change their original messages so I left them as they are, the way they were typed—even the capitalization and punctuation (except for some words/phrases that definitely needed correction).

1. How did you become a fan of NEWS?

I watched NEWS on TV. So I thought “Wow, they’re so cool”

Ghea, Indonesia
I became news fan because of my sister’s friend. she showed me a news pv, news nippon if i’m not wrong. XD and she showed me some photos of JE too like jin akanishi, etc. Then i started to search some infos about news. i was searching for their photos, videos, interview, etc. without i realize i suddenly like them, but now i love them. XD

Tata Massu, roleplayer
I only knew Yamapi first from his drama Nobuta wo Produce. One day, I was watching Music Station on Animax then suddenly I heard this uberly cute song from an adorably boy group. All I can see is the title of the song which is weeeek but I still didn’t know who’s the band. Ever since then, it was always on my mind and I was desperately looking for it. On my birthday, my sisters downloaded the song as a gift for me and that’s when I found out that the band’s name is NEWS.

Samara, Brazil
I became a fan of News after I met tegomass by anime lovely complex, was this year ♥

Katherine, Canada
Originally a KAT-TUN, but the interaction between members of KAT-TUN x 4nin NEWS had shone through me to become a fan of NEWS.

Hana, Equador
I watched Hana Yori Dango and I knew Matsu Jun, then I knew Arashi, Arashi drove me to JE, And finally I fell in love with NEWS.

Hayame, Philippines
INFLUENCED by FRIEND whom I met when I bought a NEWS ALBUM

Sondos, Jordan/U.S.A.
I became a news fan in late 2010 when i stumbled by an anime called Lovely Complex. The first thing that caught my attention was the opening and ending. i absolutely loved both which brought me into searching up who these lovely singers were. I have then found Tegomasu~ I never look up artists when i like a song so looking them up feels like destiny to me. Ever since my discovery with this amazing duo…. ohmygawd i could not stop. i looked them up 25/8 and i was practically addicted. Around that same time, i found out that this duo was actually a sub group from a bigger group that are actually 6 lovely members in a band called NEWS that soon controlled my life till this day.

Demi Tokyo Inooshi, U.S.A
Saw a video on the internet

Bena, Malaysia
Honestly i started liking JE when i watched Kindaichi, but that time acting by tsuyoshi.. then from that i know existence of JE maybe around 2001.. then i follow johnnys jr including kattun.. then once NEWS debut I started to become their fan coz i love K.K.kity.

Mary Grace, Philippines
Actually I became their fan way back 2008 when I first watched their weeeek PV, I really love the PV and the song so much that I always listened to it, But I get too busy in my college life that when I came back to the fandom they were already four left. At first is so shocking for me that happened but I get over it when I watched their UtsuCon and I must say I really ♥ 4-nin NEWS more.

Amy, Russia
Well, first I didn’t like them. I was a fan of KAT-TUN. Then I saw Tegoshi’s Ai nante performance and I fell in love deeply and for a long time.

Issa, Argentina
My friend gave me “Ichi ritoru no namida” and after a little of tears -literally!- I made a research on the protagonist Mr. Ryo Nishikido, and Mr. Google-sama took me the 1st video I saw of NEWS in my life: a  live perf. Koi no ABO!! and then Eito’s OOSAKA obachan ROCK! and my face was like > D:”Are you serious? is that the same guy from the drama?” well it was the same guy LOL and then all my crazy devotion to these insane boys started…2009

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North East West South
Happy 11th Anniversary

Becoming a fan of NEWS has been one of the best decisions of my life. They are amazing, talented, and funny and never fail to put a smile on my face. Though I haven’t been a fan for as long as other people (only 3 years), I will continue to be a fan for many years to come. Please continue to make amazing, wonderful music and be the same funny, crazy, charismatic group.

Happy 11th Annivery to NEWS ♥


Passion and impulse alone will cut the darkness to pieces

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【Gurunai & Yofukashi】 Togo

His wallet is GOYARD. 彼のお財布はゴヤールですな。

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NEWS and their hips in Liar

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