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【Gurunai & Yofukashi】 Togo

His wallet is GOYARD. 彼のお財布はゴヤールですな。

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NEWS and their hips in Liar

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Wink Up x NEWS

NEWS 10th Anniversary in Tokyo Dome live DVD&Bluray
Tegoshi Yuya
: These 10 years, there were many times when we made you sad or worried. Going on this tour, hearing your voices, seeing your smiles, being supported by you, I thought that NEWS fans are amazing.
Kato Shigeaki: ‘Up until now, from now on, and forever and ever, we love you.’”
Masuda Takahisa: Being supported by all of you, we made it to this day. 
Koyama KeiichiroThanks to the fans’ support over these 10 years, we made it. If you weren’t there, then I wouldn’t have been able to say, “I’m NEWS’s Koyama Keiichiro.”

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